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Gives an opportunity for me, to support and help a person to adjust or deal with their personal problems, life changes and personal growth. Through the awareness of identifying the problems and what is not working for us, we can enable and empower ourselves to discover the solutions to what is going on for us, whilst receiving sympathetic attention and absolute confidentiality within the counselling process. I am an Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and am committed to my own personal growth and development.



I am able to channel energy to boost the patients own energy field to help aid their healing process. Healing means to make 'whole'. I believe that anyone doing healing work needs to have some technical training and a 'Code of Ethics'. I am continuously learning, along with my training in counselling, healing, hypnotherapy, anatomy, physiology, massage, and reflexology, the use of herbs, flower essences and other therapeutic techniques, which are now becoming an essential part of my work. The above therapies are sometimes combined with the 'laying on of hands'.
I have the available resource of other trusted health care professional colleagues, within a local Complimentary Therapy Group, of which I am a member.

Flower Essences

Are not new! The Australian Aboriginals have always used flowers to heal the emotions, as did the ancient Egyptians. There has been a long tradition of use of Flower Essences in India, Asia and South America and they were also very popular in Europe in the middle ages. This method of healing was discovered by Dr. Edward Bach sixty years ago, through using English flowering plants. I believe that Flower Essences not only help to give clarity to one's life but also courage, strength and commitment to follow ones goals and dreams and access the wisdom of our 'Higher Self'. I work using Australian Bush Flower Essences along with Bach, Alaskan, Californian and other Essences. I work using the symptoms presented to me by the client also using my own intuition to help select the combination of Essences needed for that individual.

Flower essences



Is a form of Therapy for treating particular parts of the bodily ailments and general stress through working on the feet. Specific areas of the feet relate to specific parts and organs of the body. There are 700 nerve endings in the feet and the gentle but firm pressure reflects from the feet to the specific area of the body to initiate healing. It is very relaxing too.

Is using the altered state of consciousness to help us heal, and allows the patient to access forgotten memories and boost the 'mind power' to aid healing. I work with Inner Journeys, using the altered states of consciousness and symbolisms to understand on a different level, what is and has been happening to us, helping us to change the way we manage ourselves and our future.


Gracefield Therapy Garden 1
Gracefield Therapy Garden

Body Work

I sometimes use a combination of Massage, Reflexology, Acupressure, Flower Essences and Healing, to work with pain control and the releasing of blockages.

This is not about working with a specific religion but with a belief that there is something more than just 'us' and the physical body, that we are part of a 'whole'. My work can involve tapping into whatever 'the source' of additional energy is for you and for me, to aid our understanding and the healing process.


I have personal Supervision for all the varied ways in which I work, which means that I have an additional resource for my work, whilst at the same time I am checked out that I am practicing in a ethical and professional way. I give Supervision to other Counsellors and Therapists and also support them in establishing their own practices, including setting up proper business records for themselves.

I prefer to access all my resources to work with each unique individual, if they are open to working in that way. Each Therapy however, is beneficial on its own and need not be mixed with other therapies.


Jennifer Aspinwall
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